Saturday, September 12, 2009

I miss you old Giant

Time to ramble again about food. Time to make more of an effort to chronicle my kitchen feats and disasters. And work my way through the transition to a new grocery store. I miss the old Giant. The new Giant is big, soulless, and infested with fruit flies.

Things I like about the new Giant...
My yogurt is now a short drive from our house
The mushroom selection has expanded
I can buy my lottery tickets without speaking to anyone
The fresh flower selection is expanded and not so sad anymore
The "exotic" cheese selection looks fresher
The abbreviated natural food aisle is nice

Things I don't like about the new Giant...
The layout is opposite of the old Giant, this is HUGE, I can't wrap my head around it
They did not add a coffee bar
It bright and you notice the ceiling, I could not tell you what the ceiling of the old Giant looked like for the life of me
It is buggy
There are a bunch of new people working there, they are falling behind on the pregnant teen checkout clerk quota
There is too much food, it does not seem like we have the population to support it
It does not have the trashy goodness of the old Giant
I need to find a new parking spot
The Redbox is in a new location

I need to tell myself that I only go there for things they don't sell at the farmers market (fun mushrooms, yogurt, cat food, Dreamfields). It should not be such a big deal. Change is hard.

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