Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmogeddon 2010

I am in love with the snow.  This is the first blizzard of my adult life (no Becca, in 2003 I lived in York and we did not have a much snow as Maryland).  In 1993 I was in Italy and missed it completely, although my mom and sister had a nice surprise waiting for them at JFK when they got home from visiting me. In 1996 I was in Binghamton and we only got a few inches.  So this is my weekend.

I planned out our menu and headed to Giant.  I love how the grocery store becomes a crazy mess before snow.  It is so interesting to look in people's carts to see what they think is necessary.  I left the store with out milk and bread since we really don't use either.  Our weekend menu is at the end of this post.

I am taking lots of pictures - click here to see more - and here is a quick look at our weekend so far:

Steve shoveling snow off the porch roof (yes, I have the best husband ever!)

The back yard during the snow
The sun trying to peek out after the storm

Snow piled up on the bell in the yard

Dinner - homemade pizza
For later this weekend - chili

Breakfast - omelets (brie for me, pepperoni and cheese for Steve) and biscuts
Lunch - warmed up Chili
Dinner - going old school meat and taters - strip steak, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and snap peas
Baking - Carmel Apple Pie

Breakfast - maybe a crustless quiche or just eggies
Lunch - chili
Dinner - The Dish (black bean and chicken enchiladas)
Baking - something to use up some fresh pineapple
Super Bowl - Crack Dip and Beer

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